A privacy-first app focused on helping patients with chronic disease

promera provides patients a better understanding of their healthcare

Remote Monitor

Using innerme lets your care team – doctors, nurses, therapists, and others – keep an eye on your chronic condition in-between clinic visits.

connecting patients to providers
provides doctors with better information and data

Communicate With Your Care Team

Your care team can monitor your health and send suggestions to help you better manage your chronic condition if there are signs of problems.

a medical app that is secure and privacy focused


Your health information is personal. We take that very seriously and have built innerme from a privacy-first perspective. What does that mean? 

  • Only you have access to your data.
  • You control how your data is shared.
  • Your data will never be sold. 

Social Good

With innerme, you have the opportunity to anonymously share your health data for research studies focused on improving chronic disease care.

connecting patients to providers

Be Part of the Evolution of Healthcare


innerme is free while in beta testing

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